We partner with a very select number of climate and sustainability investors as your "outsourced" portfolio support and growth partner.

Partnering with top climate investors

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Our Post-VC Growth Programme

You invest in top climate startups

They join our 1-to-1 hands-on Growth Programme

We flood them with sales intros, partnerships, growth and fundraising

They see major growth results

You leverage that plus improved deal flow to raise larger funds

Of all the people I have worked with so far, 4WARD’s been the most active and helpful in terms of introductions. They have made tons of great intros to relevant potential investors and collaborators, and I am extremely happy we are working together. Matt is also very communicative and a great partner to think with and bring ideas to communication and messages.
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Yehuda Borenstein

CEO, Climate Crop

4WARD's community brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and key resources to make it easier grow in the climate tech sector.
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Logan Grizzel

VC, MUUS Partners

Why partner with 4WARD?

We are passionate about what we do, throw everything at helping our startups (ie. your portfolio) and have built a proven system for sales, scaling and accelerated company growth.

We work harder and smarter for our companies, ie. your portfolio, and offer the best network in the climate tech & sustainability space globally.

And we leverage this network, as well as that of our 250 mentors, to connect startups with the clients, partners, experts, distribution and growth resources they need to reach new heights.

4WARD's Collaborative Climate Community

Your startups get the world's largest local-to-global climate community.

Mentor Network

More than 250 incredible mentors to help with intros & support.

Bonus Perks for Funds & Portfolio

$227k in free perks for your companies & improved deal flow for VCs.

4WaRD's Post-VC Growth Programme

Partnering with top climate investors to help their companies scale

We partner with a very select number of top climate & sustainability investors and become the “outsource” portfolio support and growth partner, allowing small but elite climate funds to compete with, and outperform the premier mega funds.

How? By leveraging the world’s largest local-to-global climate community, as well as our 250+ industry mentors and their networks.

What are the terms for VC partners?

What are the terms for VC partners?

Please get in touch with us and we will discuss details:

Which VCs are you working with?

Please reach out to us as some investors prefer discretion.

Can you help our portfolio get grants?

Yes, we definitely try. That is part of the programme as well, equipping companies with the help, resources and programmes they need to fund their company and drive their business.

Do the startups have to pay anything?

No, the startup does not have to pay anything. We set up mutually beneficial relationships with our VC partners to align incentives for maximum results.

Can participating startups also pitch on the Startup Tank?

Of course! They will get their chance once they have finished the programme and ready for primetime.

Will you help our portfolio with fundraising?

Next to helping them get 2-3 new clients and/ or pilots during the programme, helping with fundraising is the point. Our goals is to help your portfolio raise their round within 2-3 months of completing the programme and we introduce them to around 40 targeted investors and CVCs from our network.

How does this help our fund with deal flow?

Because "hands-on" VCs like a16z get better inbound and as our partner, you can position your fund as more than just a top investor, but also a major growth, distribution and sales partner for your portfolio.

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