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Helping startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, researchers and climate job seekers connect, collaborate and align incentives to advance their (and our) climate goals and impact at scale.

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Uniting ALL stakeholders

We do things differently and we do them fast. We believe we can only solve our generations’ biggest challenge when we work together. Because everyone wins when everyone is winning.


Meet top investors, peers, mentors, clients, industry experts & future employers


Align stakeholder incentives to drive unimaginable successes at global scale


Access pro-bono mentors & personalized tools to accelerate career & climate impact

Access our "Power-Ups" for startups, investors & job seekers

4WARD's resources and community offer a wide range of opportunities to support you on your climate journey wherever you are in the process.

Goodies for founders

Offers and resources

Connect with VCs, investors, experts and startup coaches to get feedback (or funding) on your pitch...

Monthly Startup/VC Matchmaking

Investor databases & fundraising CRMs

The Startup Tank pitch sessions

Climate VC database

Fundraising Toolkits & CRMs

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Meet relevant folks

Networking and events

Meet key people you wouldn't otherwise and let the magic happen.

47 regular local city meetups & Whatsapp groups

Monthly sector networking calls & online groups

Recommended member intros & online directory

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Increase your productivity

Founder toolkit

As a founder, you will find valuable tools, tips and tricks.

Templates & guides for sales, funding, legal/IP & more

$227k+ in free services & credits

Monthly Office Hours with industry experts

Monthly investor matchmaking

Climate VC fundraising database, CRM & tools

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Build Your Career

Job seeker toolkit

As a student or job seeker, you will have access to valuable courses, networking, resources and job openings.

Climate solutions, learning & upskilling tools

Fellowships & support for career transitions

Resources, news & networking to be up-to-date

Climate job boards to find your next position

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improve your investments

Investor toolkit

As a VC or angel, you will discover software, scouting and co-investors to improve your deal flow, impact & ROI.

Discounts on tools & systems to manage deals & fund

Deal sharing for most promising startup opportunities

Free credits & services for your portfolio companies

Networking with other investors in your space

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4WARD’s connections within ClimateTech have been super helpful over the past few months and helped us tremendously in closing our first financing round!
rene haas

Rene Haas

CEO of Neocarbon

Having so many talented startups clustered here has been brilliant. I’ve met some amazing startups that I might not have otherwise met, and connected them with some of our corporate partners as well.

Hendrik Dik

Climate Lead, MassChallenge Switzerland

4WARD’s global network is invaluable. I joined a sector call on decarbonising the built world and met people all over the world tackling it in different ways. During the call, I met an expert from Canada while being in Switzerland!  We’ve since had multiple calls and he’s likely to become a board member of my company. This is how a global climate networking should work!

Kevin Kyer

CEO, Pyrpose

As someone new to the industry it has been nice to have someplace to plug into that immediately gave me exposure to many like-minded people with expertise across industry. It’s like a mini, perpetual climate conference in my pocket.
matt trudeau of nori

Matt Trudea

CEO, Nori

4WARD has been instrumental from day one in helping us connect to great investors, prospective clients and strategic partners. Can’t recommend 4WARD enough - their network & hustle are incredibly valuable.

Dror Sofer

CEO, EExion

Frequently asked questions about our community

What does it cost?

4WARD membership is only $120/yr or $12/mo. Considering all the networking, events and $230k in credits, we think that this is a very good deal. We want to ensure everyone can afford to join because we need all stakeholders onboard to tackle climate change.

Why join if there are other similar and free communities?

We have made it our mission to build the world’s largest climate tech community to combat climate change. Our community is global which is key to unlocking major growth and value for you and your company. We promise you that you won’t get the same value from a local or industry specific group.

Is joining considered an official endorsement from our/ my company?

No, joining doesn’t equal an official endorsement, it just means we're committed to helping you move the world forward!

Why do I need to pay to become a full member?

We need 4WARD to be sustainable if we are going to help drive sustainable change and action for all. Building and running the largest climate & sustainability communities globally costs money and is a lot of effort.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

If you are not happy, we will refund you. No questions asked, but we will be very interested in your feedback on how we can improve our offering.

Do you have a special program/ pricing for teams and corporates?

Of course we do. Send us an email and we are happy to give you more details on our special deal for teams and corporates.

Can I expense the membership fee to my company or corporate?

Sure! We will send you an invoice to share with your finance team.

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