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Help your startups further accelerate their goals and climate impact by leveraging our global platform, local & online networking events and vast startup perks & member resources databases.

Partnering with leading climate & sustainability programs

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Accelerate your portfolio's growth, goals and impact

Help your companies meet relevant clients, partners and investors.

Let your startups can tap into our global expert mentor network.

Give your founders access to our 47 regular city meetup groups.

Provide your portfolio with $227k in free perks, credits and services

Allow companies to join our monthly startup/VC matchmaking.

Offer access to vast fundraising, sales, legal and growth resources.

4WARD’s connections within ClimateTech have been super helpful over the past few months and helped us tremendously in closing our first financing round!
rene haas

Rene Haas

Co-Founder & CEO, Neocarbon

Having so many talented startups clustered here has been brilliant. I’ve met some amazing startups and connected them with some of our corporate partners.

Hendrik Dik

Climate Lead, MassChallenge Switzerland

Why partner with 4WARD?

Our goal is to help climate DOERs move the world forward! To that end, we have built the world's largest local-to-global climate & sustainability community and platform and happily offer access and support to our partners' portfolio.

Become a partner today to unlock synergies, collaboration and support for your organization and portfolio companies to accelerate their growth, siuccess and impact through our global climate platform.


Your startups get the world's largest local-to-global climate community.


Your companies can tap into our vast pool of global experts and mentors.

Bonus Perks

$227k in free credits, perks and services for your companies.

Frequently asked questions about our partnerships

How do we select partners?

When selecting possible partners, we seek alignment on goals, impact and reputation to ensure positive and productive collaboration.

How is this partnership beneficial to us?

We have the world’s largest local-to-global climate & sustainability community and happily offer access to our select partners and their portfolio companies to advance their startups' goals through faster climate collaboration at scale.

What are the perks for our founders?

As a 4WARD partner, your startups receive 3 months free Premium Membership and access to our entire community, local & online events, resources, startup toolkits and much more.

For more details, please contact: or review a list of our perks and member benefits here:

Is there any cost involved?

No, there is no cost and only upside for you and your startups.

And if after the 3 free months your companies would like to remain members and leverage the benefits of our platform and community, it's only $12/mo or $120/yr.

Can you help our companies with grants, fundraising & non-dilutive finance?

Fundraising is a key challenge for startups and component of our platform.We therefore offer members access to the following resources to help finance their companies:

  • monthly climate startup/VC matchmaking sessions
  • access to our climate VC database
  • various grant & tax credit resources & opportunities
  • an extensive non-dilutive funding guide
  • grant consultants & pitch experts willing to offer pro-bono supportIf you'd like your companies to have access to our various fundraising, sales, finance and legal resources, please contact: to discuss a potential partnership.
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